Multiple nanban trade ports ybesowe216339952

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2 trade routes possiblesea 10 per turn to town growth from ports within this province; Converts the populace to Christianity 4 religious zeal.

Multiple nanban trade ports.

Dec 18, you lose the ability to upgrade it to a Nanban Trade port which gives your more trade, 2011 It won t affect your existing trade routes However

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Improves the export capacity, therefore increasing trade value of the goods you are trading to others by120 creases the port s recruitment capacity by 1 slot; Allows for the recruitment of Imported Matchlock Ashigaru The disadvantage of the Nanban port are as follows: It will convert that region s populace to Christianity. Aug 07, 2011 Would someone know if there s a way to influence where your Nanban places can go The Trade Port seems to be you re more like to have multiple trade ports.

The Nanban trade南蛮貿易, Nanban bōeki Southern barbarian trade or the Nanban trade period南蛮貿易時代, Nanban bōeki jidai Southern barbarian trade period in the history of Japan extends from the arrival of the first Europeans Portuguese explorers, missionaries and merchants to Japan in 1543, to their near total exclusion from the. For Total War: Shogun 2 on the PC, a GameFAQs Answers question titledHow to build more Nanban Trade Ports.

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The thing about the Nanban trade request is that the port is not automatically built upon agreeing to their request Accepting the request will only provide you with. I m playing a campaign as Hojo I got the message that the nanban wanted to trade with me and accepted it, and it allowed me to build a nanban trade port in my.

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